About Us
Montana Coffee Express has been providing quality gourmet coffee and brewing equipment to Western Montana since 1984. Service is our principal product. Our policy is to provide customers with the finest and best products available and to deliver those products with the best service possible. We believe that it is absolutely necessary to anticipate and meet our customers’ needs for both product and service and we must spare no effort in fulfilling this goal. Once a commitment is made to a customer, we are expected to follow through and we will! Montana Coffee Express is committed to superior customer service and the highest quality coffee and allied products.

Montana Coffee Express serves companies of all sizes. Our client base includes law firms, schools, factories, industrial settings and private businesses. Large business or small-we do it all! Our program includes free installation, cleaning, maintenance and use of commercial brewing equipment as well as free delivery of coffee and related products, saving the customer time, work and money.

Greg's Vending Machines, Inc., d/b/a Montana Coffee Express/Valley Vending is owned by long-time Missoula resident and community supporter Guy Bingham. In addition to servicing Missoula, Montana Coffee Express also travels south to Hamilton and North to Polson. Valley Vending's service area covers the same north and south locales as well as east to Deerlodge and west to St. Regis offering full-line professional snack and beverage vending equipment and services in additional to technical equipment support and repairs.

Montana Coffee Express (and Valley Vending) is Quality Coffee Program certified, a member of the National Automatic Merchandising Association, the United Strategies Group and the Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce.