Montana Coffee Express provides our own private label-100% Arabica beans custom roasted per our own recipe. Perfection in a medium roasted Columbian/Guatemalan blend of coffees.

  • Regular and decaf 42 ct
  • 100% Columbian the richest coffee there is 42 ct
  • European Dark Roast 42 ct

Compass Creek Coffee at Montana Coffee Express 

Starbuck's Coffee at Montana Coffee ExpressSTARBUCK’S

  • House Blend - Latin American coffee with a clean well-balanced taste. Starbuck’s signature blend 18 ct
  • Breakfast Blend - A light bodied, bright and flavorful mild coffee 18 ct
  • Caffe Verona - A blend of coffee from Latin American and Asian/Pacific regions with a touch of Italian roast lending depth and sweetness 18 ct
  • Seattle’s Best - A blend of Indonesian, Central, and South American coffee brought to life with a medium roast to bring out the nutty sweetness regular and decaf 18 ct (also Decaf)

  • Folger’s Classic Roast - Made from mountain grown coffees regular and decaf 42 ct
  • Folger’s Special - A balanced, medium roasted blend 42 ct
  • Maxwell House French Roast - “good to the last drop” Bold, intense flavor 42 ct
  • Hunter Bay Coffees - bulk bags by special order - OCS packages 42 ct
  •   NWP Blend
  •   MSE Blend
  •   Waypoint
  •   French Roast
  •   Columbian

      Flavia single cup coffee and brewing equipment available.  Need K-cups?  We

      can get them for you!